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You are invited to the 2020 ECK Springtime Seminar

ECKANKAR 2020 Springtime Seminar

Accepting the Blessings of Life

2020 ECK Springtime Seminar
April 10 - 12, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Guest Speaker: Sri Harold Klemp

You are warmly invited to the uplifting experience of the 2020 ECK Springtime Seminar, a three-day event that takes place April 10–12, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The theme is “Accepting the Blessings of Life.” An ECK seminar is a celebration among like-minded people, each taking the next step in their personal spiritual journey. Enjoy a wide variety of roundtable discussions, insightful workshops and talks, and original creative-arts performances. Focus on the gifts of Divine Spirit as you explore the ancient spiritual principles and tools of the teachings of Eckankar. Some highlights of the upcoming seminar program:

- Dynamic workshops, including “Clean out Your Karmic Closet: Create More Room for Love,” “Prophecy for the Moment: Getting the Message of Your Waking Dreams,” and “Fly Even Higher!—Discover Your World of Endless Possibilities.”

- Special events for those new to Eckankar, including a workshop and discussion titled “The Secret of True Freedom.” Explore your own experiences, and ask questions about the spiritual teachings of Eckankar in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

- Fun and engaging spiritual programs for families and youth ages 5–17, as well as a Parent Room for those with children under five.

- Opportunities to tour the beautiful Temple of ECK, walk the contemplation trails, and attend special Temple events on Thursday.

Harold Klemp The main highlight of the seminar is the Saturday-evening talk by Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual teacher, guide, and leader of Eckankar, also known as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Recognized as a pioneer of “everyday spirituality,” Sri Harold Klemp is known for his down-to-earth wisdom, sense of humor, parables, and practical approach to the spiritual life.

“If you can just stop and be grateful for the blessings that are before you, your heart will open to love. Then the blessings can keep coming.”
—Sri Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, p. 47

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